A customer from Senegal was planning to open an egg tray production plant and was looking for the right equipment to support his new business. He wanted to be able to produce large quantities of egg tray products to meet the local market demand for environmentally friendly packaging.

Delivery of egg tray machine
delivery of egg tray machine

Reasons of purchasing SL-4*8 egg tray machine and dryer

The customer decided to buy the combination of SL-4*8 egg tray machine plus dryer mainly because of his production needs. This combination can meet his requirements for mass production of egg tray products and can increase production efficiency and output.

  • High productivity: This type of egg tray machine together with metal dryer can realize high-efficiency egg tray production, and can produce 2500 egg tray products per hour, which can satisfy the customer’s mass production demand.
  • Fully automated production: The automation function of the egg tray machine and dryer makes the production process more convenient and efficient, reduces labor costs and production time, and improves production efficiency.
  • Adaptation to local environment: Both the egg tray machine and the metal dryer can be customized to meet the local power supply and environmental requirements of Senegal, ensuring stable operation in the local environment.
  • Improve product quality: The advanced technology and materials of the egg tray machine and metal dryer can produce high-quality egg tray products, which can meet the market demand and enhance the credibility of customers.
2500pcs per hour egg tray mking machine
2500pcs per hour egg tray mking machine

How to deliver egg tray making machine to Senegal?

After negotiation, the shipping method used for transportation is by sea. The machinery and equipment are directly loaded into the container and the whole container is transported. This not only saves the cost of machine packaging, but also ensures the safety of the machine during transportation.