The 1000-1500pcs/h pulp egg tray making machine is a small-scaled rotary egg tray production, which is very proper for a small business or start-up company.

For investors, this small egg tray machine can reduce investment risk and bring profit at the same time, making it a very practical machine.

video of small egg tray machine for start-up business

Raw materials available for 1000-1500pcs/h pulp egg tray making machine

For this egg tray making machine, the raw materials used to produce the machine are both cheap and easy to obtain and are as follows:
Waste paper, waste cardboard, straw, trimmings, waste books, waste book boxes, waste newspapers and magazines, A4 copy paper, etc.

Final products made by the SL-3*1 egg tray machine

1000-1500pcs/h pulp egg tray making machine can produce different paper trays based on the customer’s needs. First, the paper tray you want is determined, and then the matched mould is used, finally, the right trays are manufactured.

Paper trays that can be produced include but are not limited to egg trays, egg cartons, apple/fruit trays, coffee cup trays, shoe trays, wine trays, seedling trays, medical trays, quail egg trays, customized trays, etc. If you are interested, welcome to contact us at any time!

Why choose the Shuliy pulp egg tray making machine?

In fact, there are many reasons why customers choose our Shuliy machines, the following points are just a few of the many reasons for your reference.

  • Trustworthy brand. Shuliy egg tray machines are often exported to more than 80 countries, such as Zambia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Namibia, etc.
  • Harmonious customer relationship. We do business with the aim of mutual profitability, and when recommending machines for our customers, we will do our best to ensure the interests of both our customers and ourselves, in order to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.
  • Advantageous price of the pulp egg tray making machine. As a professional producer and supplier of the egg tray machine, the price of our machine is competitive. Because our machines are sold directly from the factory, there is no extra price addition compared with other suppliers.
Shuliy egg tray machine
Shuliy egg tray machine

Successful cases of 1000-1500pcs/h pulp egg tray machine

Shuliy egg tray machines are characterized by good quality, good performance, high efficiency, and diverse capacity. Therefore, they are very popular at home and abroad and are often exported overseas. For example:

  • We have exported to Nigeria many times, and the Nigerian customers purchased 1 set of 1000-1500pcs/h pulp egg tray making machine firstly, and then bought other matched equipment(paper pulper) to increase the production efficiency.
  • The Zambian customer ordered a Shuliy SL-3*1 egg tray machine which can produce fruit trays.

Parameters of 1000-1500pcs/h rotary pulp egg tray making machine for sale

The below table shows the specifications for the rotary SL-3*1 egg tray making machine, with a capacity of 1000-1500pcs/h.

Template size1.23m*0.4m
Operating speed7 times/min
specifications of small paper egg tray machine
working video of small egg tray making machine

If you want to make a profit from waste paper, just tell us your requirements, such as the types of paper trays, size of mould, capacity, etc., and our staff will recommend the optimal solution to you.