The client, located in Cameroon, owns chicken farms and is engaged in the business of selling eggs. The client realized that the eggs needed to be protected before being transported to the his customer’s destination and decided to produce packaging to protect the eggs.

Customer needs analysis

He wanted to produce packaging that would protect the eggs, especially in the transportation. And he found that 5CM egg trays are suitable for his eggs, to ensure that the eggs would not be damaged during transportation.

Thus, now he was looking for an egg tray molding amchine to help him achieve this goal.

Shuliy solution for customer from Cameroon

We provided the ideal solution for the customer.

Our egg tray machines are capable of efficiently producing egg trays of all sizes, including trays for 5CM eggs. By using our egg tray making machines, customers can produce enough trays on their own to protect their eggs and ensure their safe transportation.

Egg tray machine for 5cm egg trays production
egg tray machine for 5cm egg trays production

Advantages and benefits for Cameroonian customer

  • In-house production: By owning an egg tray machine, the customer can produce egg trays in-house and no longer rely on external suppliers, saving costs.
  • Customized packaging: The egg trays produced by the egg tray making machine can be customized according to the customer’s needs, ensuring optimal protection.
  • Improve quality: Egg trays can be used to protect eggs, improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Increase revenue: By producing their own egg trays and providing quality packaging services, customers can enhance their brand image and attract more consumers, thus increasing sales revenue.

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