Send egg tray molding machine to destination

Small egg tray molding machine helps Cameroon produce eco-frinedly packages

The client, located in Cameroon, owns chicken farms and is engaged in the business of selling eggs. The client realized that the eggs needed to be protected before being transported....

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Delivery of egg tray machine

Successful delivery of egg tray machine and metal dryer to Senegal

A customer from Senegal was planning to open an egg tray production plant and was looking for the right equipment to support his new business. He wanted to be able....

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Manual egg tray making machine

Export SL-3*1 manual egg tray making machine to Cameroon

In the vibrant land of Cameroon, an entrepreneur has succeeded in re-creating the value of his waste with a manual egg tray making machine from Shuliy. This case study will....

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Paper molding machine

1000pcs/h paper molding machine sold to USA

In an era of rising environmental awareness, paper recycling has become a key part of sustainable development. Here is an exciting case study of how a paper molding machine sent....

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Pulp egg tray machine

2000pcs/h pulp egg tray machine for Sudan beginning egg tray industry

In Sudan, a novice entrepreneur discovered a potential business opportunity in egg tray production through market research. In order to start his new business, he decided to invest in a....

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Small egg tray machine for sale

Small egg tray machine for sale to Zambia for start-up business

We successfully helped a customer who wanted to start a new egg tray business to purchase a small egg tray machine for sale. This egg tray machine has an output....

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Paper pulp molding machine

Ethiopian client bought SL-4*1 paper pulp molding machine

An emerging egg tray manufacturer in Ethiopia was planning to expand its production to meet the growing market demand. He was looking for an efficient paper pulp molding machine to....

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Paper tray forming machine

1000pcs/h paper tray forming machine sold to Bolivia

At a time of growing environmental awareness, a Bolivian company with its own company and serving end customers has taken an important decision in order to respond positively to the....

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Paper egg tray forming machine

1500pcs/h paper egg tray forming machine sold to Malawi

Today, Shuliy shares the good news with you that a customer from Malawi buys a 1500pcs/h paper egg tray forming machine. He asked about the egg tray machine via email....

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Egg tray manufacturing plant

1000pcs/h egg tray manufacturing plant sold to Senegal

Good news to Shuliy! In May 2023, one customer from Senegal bought a whole egg tray manufacturing plant with a capacity of 1000 pcs/h for his own use. egg tray....

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