In an era of rising environmental awareness, paper recycling has become a key part of sustainable development. Here is an exciting case study of how a paper molding machine sent from China to the US has been reinvented through paper recycling, demonstrating the perfect combination of environmental protection and business.

Paper molding machine
paper molding machine

Original purpose of paper recycling

A business owner in the United States had the idea of taking advantage of the vast local market and the abundant resources of waste paper and turning it into renewable egg trays, contributing to the environment and making a profit. Thus, a cost-effective paper molding machine is required.

Attraction of Shuliy paper molding machine

  • High efficiency and energy saving: This egg tray machine takes full advantage of its waste paper recycling and reuse to provide customers with a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of production.
  • Waste paper is transformed into new value: With an egg paper tray making machine from Shuliy, you can successfully transform waste paper into high-quality egg tray products. This not only saves on raw material costs, but also enables efficient reuse of waste paper and the recycling of resources.
  • A variety of drying options: As a professional egg tray machine manufacturer, we not only have egg tray machines for sale, but also have different egg tray drying methods for you to choose from, natural drying, brick kiln, metal drying and so on.

Order list for the USA

Egg tray making machineModel:3*1
Voltage: 380V, 50hz, three-phase power
Mold: standard 30-piece egg tray
Capacity: 1000pcs/h
1 set
Brick dryerAll accessories
Provide drawings
Bricks provided by themselves
machine list for the USA

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