In the vibrant land of Cameroon, an entrepreneur has succeeded in re-creating the value of his waste with a manual egg tray making machine from Shuliy. This case study will show you the details of this successful cooperation story.

Why choose 1000pcs/h manual egg tray making machine for Cameroon?

After an in-depth survey to understand the local chicken farms in Cameroon, the demand for egg trays was further recognized. The customer knew that the eggs were small in diameter (5cm) and was looking for a solution to produce egg trays that best suited the local situation.

Our egg tray machine can be customized to produce the right egg tray machine according to the customer’s local egg diameter and production scale. And because this customer is just starting his egg tray production business, we recommended small production egg tray machine.

Machine list for Cameroon

Small egg tray machineSL-3*1
Template size:1250*400mm
Mould number: 3
Rotating surface:1
Operate speed:3-6 time/min
Voltage: 380v,50hz,3phase

Egg dia.: 5cm
machine list for Cameroon

Reasons for choosing Shuliy manual egg tray making machine

  • Reliability and durability: Shuliy paper egg tray machine is known for its consistent and reliable performance and excellent durability. Customers see our machines as reliable partners, capable of stable long-term operation and reducing uncertainty in the production process.
  • Integrated solutions: Not only do we provide high-performance egg tray machines, but we also offer our customers comprehensive solutions, including pre-sales consultation, customized design, equipment installation, training services and after-sales support. Customers can receive comprehensive support from a reliable partner.
  • Global recognition: As the leading brand in the manual egg tray making machine sector, Shuliy is recognized by a wide range of customers globally. This gives customers confidence that they are choosing a company that is highly respected in the industry.
Paper moulding machine for sale
paper moulding machine for sale

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