At the end of February 2023, a customer from Venezuela ordered an egg carton machine (as well as egg tray molds and egg carton molds) and a pulping machine from us.

This Venezuelan customer purchased the egg tray machine with a capacity of 2,000 pcs per hour, which is ideal for small to medium-sized production.

How to successfully finish the order for the egg carton machine with the client from Venezuela?

Firstly, confirm the shape of the egg tray. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager, Sunny, quickly contacted the customer to further confirm the type of egg tray he wanted to produce.


Secondly, confirm the machine’s capacity and price. Because the price of Shuliy’s egg carton making machine ranges from 1000-8000pcs per hour, the price of the machine is naturally different.

In addition, he can also determine whether the choice of supporting facilities, such as pulverizers, hot pressing, etc. Through the conversation, this customer finally chose the 2000pcs per hour egg tray machine.

Next, the choice of supporting facilities. Since the first step of egg tray production is to pulverize the raw material, a hydraulic pulper is necessary. Besides, the customer wanted a smooth surface for the egg tray, so the heat press was also considered.

Finally, order confirmation & payment. In the end, according to the customer’s actual needs and the advice of our professional staff, sunny, the customer purchased a 4*1 egg carton machine, a pulper, and 3 additional sets of molds (1 set of egg trays and 2 sets of egg boxes). And the client arranged the person to pay for the machine.

Machine list for the client from Venezuela

Egg carton machine
Egg moulding machine
SL-4*11 set
/4 pcs
Hydraulic pulper
SL-1.01 set

Notes: This customer also bought 3 sets of molds, 1 set of egg trays & 2 sets of egg cartons, in addition to the set of molds that the egg tray machine itself has. In addition, the voltage of this customer’s machine is 220V 60HZ single phase.