Shuliy’s egg tray machine is sold all over the world, including of course South Africa. The egg tray machine for sale in South Africa has a suitable output and good quality, which can help customers create profits.

What is an egg tray machine?

An egg tray machine is a machine that uses used newspaper to produce paper trays to protect eggs from damage during transport or to facilitate egg storage. Of course, it can also produce fruit trays, wine trays, medical trays, etc.

Why egg tray machine for sale in South Africa?

  • The raw materials are easy to obtain. Waste paper, cardboard boxes, books, impurities, straw, etc. are used for the production of various trays. These materials are very easy to obtain in our life.
  • Low investment and high return. When you are ready to start this business, you only need to invest in buying an egg tray machine, and then start producing paper trays for commercial sale to make a profit, and the profit is still considerable.

The process of egg tray production

In fact, it can be roughly divided into four steps: pulping—forming—drying—packing. Specifically, you can refer to the following: