This egg tray making machine for sale has different capacities, and produces high-quality and colorful paper trays for the eggs, to protect them during transportation and benefit them in storage. Shuliy Machinery pulp egg tray machine is perfect for making waste paper re-production and turning waste into treasure. Recently, we exported one 1500-2000 pcs per hour egg tray machine to Cameroon.

How did the Cameroon client order the egg tray making machine for sale?

Egg tray making machine for sale
egg tray making machine for sale

This Cameroonian customer saw our machine on Google and contacted us via WhatsApp. Our sales manager Tina introduced the egg tray making machine for sale related information to him. After reading, he said he preferred the 1500-2000pcs/hour egg tray machine and asked some questions, such as the size of the egg tray, the production material, the egg tray baler, etc. Tina answered all these questions.

Finally, the Cameroonian customer paid through his agent and asked us to send the machine to his agent’s warehouse.

Questions put forward by the Cameroon client

During the communication, the client put forward his doubts and wanted to know the detailed answers to solve his questions. Our sales manager Tina explained one by one in detail to increase his confidence in our egg tray making machine. Some questions are summarized below.

Q: What is the dimension of the egg tray?

A: Normally in China, the size is 29.5*29.5cm, egg hole is 46-50mm. But you also need to measure your egg size to determine this one.

Q: How many days can I receive the machine after paying?

A: It will take about 20 days(maximum) to produce this machine, and it will take about 40 days by sea.

Q: How about the machine warranty?

A: one-year warranty.

Q: What’s the language of the operating manual? And how about the technical assistance terms?

A: We have noticed that the egg tray operating language and Manuel should be in the English language!
If you need we can send our engineer to help you install this machine, we also can offer you a drawing and User Manual, and Video guide installation.