We, Shuliy Machinery, are a professional manufacturer and supplier of various types of egg tray machines. When you buy the egg tray machine, you will surely have various questions. According to the conversation between us and our customers, we have summarized the following answers to frequently asked questions, which we hope will be helpful to you. So, read carefully the FAQs of the egg tray making machine.

FAQs of the egg tray making machine


1. What is the egg tray made for?

The egg tray is mainly to protect the eggs whatever the storage or transportation.

2. What are the wearing parts?



3. Machine output is large, with a small output of drying, what is the impact?

It is better to match with each other.

4. What’s the structure inside of the metal egg tray dryer?

There are trays. The egg tray is off the mold, then falls down on the tray. There are the rolling axes on both sides, in the role of the egg tray up and down. The tray itself will not move, so the egg tray will not fall down.

5. How many pieces can be dried at a time in metal drying?

It can dry 3000-4000 pieces at a time.

6. If using the brick kiln drying, what do customers need to prepare themselves? What accessories are included in the brick kiln drying?

The manufacturer will provide drawings. According to the customer’s requirements, roughly how many bricks the customer will use, how long, and how many accessories are needed, and then will equip the customer with shipping.

Egg tray making machine

Pulp egg tray making machine
pulp egg tray making machine

7. When customers compare prices, how to explain our machine’s unique advantages?

About the machine: the use of all the national standard steel, high hardness, long life.
About drying: all use of stainless steel, durable and corrosion-resistant, long life. 100% insulation cotton, good insulation and drying effect, reduce the loss of fuel.

8. How does the place where the egg tray machine sucks work?

The excess water is sucked out by the vacuum pump and the real pulp is adsorbed to the transfer mold to make the egg tray. The whole process takes about 5-6 seconds.

9. What is the role of the vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump is mainly the pumping work of the whole process.

10. Is it automatically stacking?

Automatically stack the molds coming out of the dryer into stomps for easy packing and transportation.

11. How many water reservoirs do customers need to build themselves?

Depending on the customer’s output and plant area. If small production, 2-3 water reservoirs are enough; if larger production, 3-4 water reservoirs are enough. We will provide drawings. Don’t worry.

Egg trays

Packed egg trays
packed egg trays

12. What is the moisture content of the finished egg tray?


13. What is the length and width of a regular egg tray?


14. How many kg of egg tray can be obtained from one ton of paper(the conversion rate)?

According to the weight of the egg tray. Generally speaking, the weight of an egg tray is 80g, and 1000kg of raw material can get 12,500 egg trays.