As society develops, more and more waste is produced. The paper pulp egg tray making machine can be used to recycle waste paper from life and work. So, as a company with strong overall strength, how many types of egg tray machines are there? Please follow us down to introduce you to them all.

Kinds of Shuliy paper pulp egg tray making machine according to output

Because individual egg tray manufacturers have different production needs. On this basis, we divide the machines into different outputs according to the number of egg trays that can be produced per hour.

According to the production capacity of the egg trays:

1000pcs/h, 1000-1500pcs/h, 1500-2000pcs/g, 2000-2500pcs/h, 3000-3500pcs/h, 4000pcs/h, 5000pcs/h, 6000pcs/h, 8000pcs/h.

According to the moulds of the egg tray machine:

1-side, 4-side, 8-side, 12-side paper tray machine.

Types of paper trays the machine can produce

In fact, Shuliy’s paper pulp egg tray making machine can produce all kinds of paper trays, common egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, quail egg trays, red wine trays, nursery trays, coffee trays, medical trays, lunch boxes, shoe trays, etc. In addition, we can also customize the machine to produce the trays that the customer wants.

The trays that can be produced can be referred to as follows:

If you want to pursue this type of business, feel free to contact us! You can tell us the trays you want to produce, the capacity of the machine, the moulds, etc., and our sales managers will provide you with the optimal solution for your needs.