The hot pressing machine mainly functions to press the dried carton/crate to make its flat surface more neat and beautiful. The main purpose is to heat press paper boxes. Therefore, this machine is mostly used in the egg carton manufacturing production line, usually as an auxiliary machine. But it is really an essential part.

Applications of the egg carton hot forming machine

This hot pressing machine is used to heat press various kinds of box products. So this machine can be used for all kinds of box products. Such as apple tray, quail egg tray, egg carton, wine tray, etc. As long as the box type can use this machine.

Pulp paper trays
pulp paper trays

Benefits of using the hot pressing machine

  1. The egg cartons are more beautiful and neat. The appearance of the egg carton after hot pressing is more attractive.
  2. Increased sales. Whether sold alone or together with eggs, they are more attractive.
  3. Complete egg carton manufacturing line. It is necessary to use a hot press for boxes.
Hot press shaping machine
hot press shaping machine

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Working scene of the hot pressing machine
working scene of the hot pressing machine

Technical parameters of the hot press shaping machine for the egg carton

Machine nameHot pressing machine
Working pressure15 Tons
Working temperature160~200℃
Working cycle time6-10 second
Compressed air required0.5~0.6MPa, 1M3/min;
ControlPLC control