With the increasing market demand for environmentally friendly packaging, egg lattice has become a necessity for various industries. In order to meet customer demand, our company has launched the latest model of egg crate making machine for sale, which can provide high efficiency and high-quality egg carton production solutions.

Egg crate making machine for sale
egg crate making machine for sale

Function introduction of egg crate making machine for sale

Our egg crate making machine adopts advanced technology, which can produce egg carton products of various specifications and shapes. Not only can we produce ordinary egg box, but we can also customize the production of special paper tray that meets the needs of customers and satisfies the packaging needs of different industries.

Egg carton making machine with collection
egg carton making machine with collection

Benefits of Shuliy egg carton making machine

The Shuliy Egg Tray Machine helps you to produce paper tray with half the effort:

In combination with our egg crate making machine for sale, you can easily realize the production of egg carton. The high efficiency and stability of our egg tray machines guarantee the quality and quantity of paper trays production.

Customized service to meet your needs

We offer customization services to tailor the paper tray molding machine line to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring that we can meet the needs of different customers. Whether you are producing egg lattice or other packaging products, we can provide you with one-stop solutions.


If you are looking for an efficient and high-quality paper tray production solution, consider our egg carton making machine. We will be happy to provide you with quality products and services to help you achieve your production goals and achieve greater success!