The paper egg tray production line , also the egg tray manufacturing process, is mainly for producing various kinds of paper trays, not only egg trays but also egg cartons, apple trays, nursery trays, quail egg trays, wine trays, medical trays, etc. If you want to invest in the egg tray manufacturing line, then you need to know how many steps are needed in the whole egg tray manufacturing process.

Pulping system

This is the first step in the whole egg tray manufacturing process. The machine to be used is the pulp making machine. The raw materials used are all kinds of waste paper, books, impurities, cardboard boxes, etc. The function of the pulper is to break up the raw material into pulp.

Pulping system for the egg tray production
pulping system for the egg tray production

Mix these raw materials and water in a certain proportion of the model, and then start the pulp crushing. It is important to note that after the pulping is completed, it needs to pass through three pools before forming. One is pulp making, one has additives according to a certain ratio, and one is pulp making before molding. If you want paper trays with color, you can add pigments to the pools. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Forming system

This egg tray forming system is the core part of the whole egg tray manufacturing process. The machine used is the egg tray machine. There are different types of machines with different capacities, but the function is to form the pulp into trays.

8-side paper tray machine
8-side paper tray machine

During the egg tray manufacturing process, an air compressor and a vacuum pump are indispensable. The air compressor blows the trays onto the transfer molds, and the vacuum pump sucks the pulp onto the molding molds. Note also that the paper tray molding machine originally has a location where the pulp can be held.

Drying system

The egg tray drying system is to dry the paper trays in the whole egg tray manufacturing process. Drying the wet trays in this step speeds up the official commercialization.

There are three drying methods: natural drying, brick kiln drying, and machine drying. Choose the right drying method according to your production scale. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Packing system

This packing process actually contains two steps, one is hot pressing and the other is packing. Both steps belong to the final stage of the whole produciton line, you can choose to buy or not according to your needs.

The hot press shaping machine is mainly used for various box-type paper trays, which can make them more beautiful and aesthetic.

The baling machine is for batch packing egg trays, which can save storage space and time.