A paper pulping machine is a machine that crushes various raw materials into pulp. In Shuliy Machinery, it mainly crushes various kinds of paper to make pulp for the next step of forming. For investing in the production of various paper trays, it is essential to purchase a suitable pulp making machine.

What is a paper pulper machine?

The paper pulping machine is a hydraulic pulper that crushes various kinds of paper into pulp by rotating at high speed. Of course, a certain amount of water needs to be added. This machine is easy to operate and has a reasonable structure, making it the best choice for carrying out the crushing of various materials. Our company is an industrial and trade company. Thus, compared with other companies of the same type, our machine has a competitive price. If you are interested in this machine, welcome to contact us.

Application in the egg tray/carton production line

In the completer paper tray production line, the steps needed are pulp making, forming, drying, hot pressing, and baling. It can be seen that pulp making is the first step. Therefore, the paper pulping machine is very important.

The paper and water are mixed in a certain ratio, and then the power is started. Under the action of telling rotation, the paper is shredded into the pulp and prepared for the next step of forming. This is the pulping system in the egg tray/crate production line.

What equipment composes the pulping system?

Taking the 1000pcs/h egg tray manufacturing line as an example, the equipment is listed below. If you want a larger capacity, you can choose the corresponding machine with the right capacity.

Machine nameModelPowerUnit
Hydra pulperSL1.07.5kW1 set
Butterfly valveDN100/1 pc
Pulp pump3 inches2.2kW1 set
Pulp pond beater110r/m1.5kW1 set
Waste water pumps /0.75kW1 set
Pulp conveying pipe//1 set

Working principle of the paper pulping machine

The working principle is actually very simple. Because this is a hydrapulper, use the high-speed to produce the friction, then break paper into pulp.

Pulp making machine manufacturer
pulp making machine manufacturer

Advantages of the paper pulping machine

  1. Simple structure, easy to use, and very friendly to the users.
  2. The hydro pulper is cost-effective, with price advantages.
  3. Various types are available, suitable for small, medium, and large-scale production.

Technical parameters of the paper pulping machine