Recently, customers from Sudan came to visit our egg tray machine factory to learn more about our excellent manufacturing process and egg tray production. The purpose of the visit was to provide the customer with a comprehensive understanding and to demonstrate our expertise in the field of the egg tray machine.

egg tray factory tour

Egg tray machine factory visit

The Sudanese customers firstly visited our modern egg tray machine manufacturing plant, which is fully equipped with efficient production lines. Through the site visit, the customer has a visual understanding of our production capacity and manufacturing standards.

Afterward, we explained the egg tray production process in detail, from raw material processing to moulding to packaging, each step of the process demonstrated our technical excellence and strict quality control. The customer highly appreciated the efficient operation of the whole production chain.

Customer communication and feedback

During the visit, the customer had in-depth communication with our technical and sales team. They asked a series of questions about the performance and application areas of the egg tray machine and received detailed and professional answers. The customer expressed full recognition of our professional knowledge and sincere service.

Successful cooperation with Sudan customers

This egg tray machine factory visit not only deepened the customer’s understanding of our company, but also laid the foundation for future cooperation. In the end, we worked hand in hand with the Sudanese customer to help them achieve their goals in paper recycling.


The visit of Sudanese customers is not only a recognition of our factory and team, but also a trust in our technical strength and professional services. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with better egg tray machine products and services. If you are also interested, welcome to visit our egg tray machine factory!